We offer our clients a full complement of interactive solutions. We focus on helping a variety of companies communicate effectively to the domestic consumer with culturally relevant marketing. Marketing that gets results.

TV Commercials

Working closely with our clients during every phase of the project, to create a concept that communicate an effectively message of a  product or service with the aim to inform or generate an response in an specific group.


You spend a lot of time putting together great events to market your business. Whether it’s a product launch, an in-store promotion, conference, seminar, catwalk show or showcase presentations we will have it covered.  A great event video can show your followers what it was really like to feel the energy and excitement.

A corporate video is also a practical way to training new personal.

Events Coverage

Event videos can capture the special and social moments that you don’t want forget.   It can help your company obtain a much wider audience reach than just the attendance in the room.

Voice Overs

A great variety of professional voices In Spanish or English can transmit the message to your audience.

Online Videos

The revolutionary social content sharing, give us the opportunity to communicate in a massive way new products and services, by bridging the gap between uniquely social interactive user experiences and the portability of online video that empowers users to share the media content they find and enjoy on the Web and interact with friends and family


Hispanic Marketing:


Spanish is an official language in 20 sovereign states and one dependent entity, totaling around 423 million people. Spanish is considered as a third Language in Ontario.

A Critical Market Segment

In the last few years, Canadian marketers have been retooling their organizations to target newcomers to the country. Ethnic media are bursting with ads targeting Chinese, Filipino and South Asian immigrants. (Or at least as bursting as media outlets are these days.) But there’s another group of newcomers, all but unknown and ignored, that some people believe present a sweet opportunity to savy companies willing to learn another language: Hispanic-Canadians.